Massay's DanceStar Productions was established in 1991 by Dee Massay and Rockie Dunn Massay, to offer students in the Norman area a place for excellence in dance education, as well as the opportunity for competition classes.  Over the last 20 years, Massay's has become a fixture in the Norman community, who's alumni include a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Broadway dancers, Disney Princesses, Thunder Girls, nationally renowned teachers, and many, many collegiate pom squad members.

Our competition teams are consistently recognized as some of the best!  Our all-star pom squads take home State and National Championships each year! And our competition teams frequently receive Platinum, High Point, and specialty awards at competitions such as Encore, Hall of Fame, Dance Showcase USA, Starbound and more.  We offer our students the opportunity to learn from incredible guest artists each year through both conventions, and master classes. Former guest artists include: Caroline Lewis-Jones, Melody Lacyanga, Barry Youngblood, Kim McSwain, Tre Holloway and many more. 

More than that, Massay's is ultimately a "family business." Everyone who walks through our doors is part of our family.  Every year, graduating seniors remind us that the studio is a "home away from home." We love to create a community of dancers, parents and teachers who can come together each week to teach and inspire our youth.

"I was that kid who did not want to grow up; I did everything in my power to avoid it. I got a job where I could hang with children. So welcome to my Never Land! While I can't deny the aging process (remember, I work in front of a 40-foot wide mirror on a daily basis), I can say that this job is as fresh and new as ever! Each year we have a new set of preschoolers, and all ages of dancers that make it new again. We have the most amazing faculty and staff anyone could ask for. We are living the dream!"

-Rockie Massay