Cassie Miller

            For fourteen years I have been a member of the Massay’sDancestar family, and by writing this I’m finally realizing this is my lastyear.  At Massay’s I’ve not onlydiscovered my passion for dance but I’ve also learned many life lessons in theprocess.  The studio, as well as all theamazing people in it has played a major role in my life and I can’t imaginewhat it’ll be like without it!  It’s morethan a studio to me; it’s my second home. I could always walk into Massay’s knowing that I was welcomed and leavefeeling the same.  Over the years I’vedeveloped many lifelong friendships and memories that I will cherish forever.

            Rockie, you’ve taught me every year since I came toMassay’s at the age of four and since then I’ve always looked up to you in somany ways.  You’ve been more than just anamazing dance teacher to me.  You’ve beena role model, a mentor, and a friend.  Iwill cherish all the chats we’ve had and I know that even after I graduate Ican still come to you when I need someone to talk to.  You’ve not only encouraged me as a dancer butas a person and for that I admire you so much. You’ve truly helped me become the person that I am today.  Thank you for everything you’ve done for meand making Massay’s the wonderful place that it is.  I love you!

            Jenny, I can’t thank you enough for everything you’vetaught me.  Ever since I was little, I’velooked up to you.  I remember watching youdance at recitals when you were my age and saying to my mom, “O goodness she isamazing”.  To this day I still think ofyou just the same.  You are a beautifulperson and dancer and I always try to be more like you.  From being Rockie’s assistant to my danceteacher, as well as my Norman North pom coach, I’ve loved every single thingI’ve learned from you.  You’ve alwaysencouraged me to try hard and dance to the best of my ability. Your attitudeabout life and your passion for dance has had a major influence on mylife.  You will always be an amazing rolemodel for me and other girls to come!  Ilove you Jen Jen!

            Katie Bugg, it’s been so much fun getting to know youover the past three years!  You’ve taughtme so much in only a short amount of time and I greatly appreciate you forthat.  You have also been a good friendto me.  You were always there when Ineeded someone to turn to in any situation. I admire how much you love dance and encourage us all to do our best aswell as try new things.  Since you’vebecome a part of the Massay’s family, I feel like I’ve improved so much.  I love you and thank you for making danceclass so fun!

            Finally, thank you Mom and Dad.  Without you two I wouldn’t be the person I amtoday.  You have always been supportivein everything I choose to do.  Mom, nomatter what you’ll always be my number one fan. I can talk to you about anything and always count on you being there forme.  I’ll never forget the times onstagethat I could point out your voice in the crowd cheering me on.  Dad, thank you for always believing in me andsitting through so many dance competitions and recitals.  I appreciate everything you do for me and I’mproud to say, “That dad right there is mine” when you’ve performed in all thedad’s dances. I’d also like to thank my sister, Shelby.  Through the arguments we still manage to loveeach other.  You’ve grown so much as aperson, as well as a dancer.  At the ageof twelve, I find you as an amazing dancer and I know that all you’ll do fromhere is grow even more.  Always rememberto believe in yourself, never give up, and to keep smiling! Thank you to therest of my family as well!  Last but notleast, thank you to all my dance friends! Without every single one of you my life wouldn’t be complete.  To the girls graduating, we’ve been throughso much and I wish you the best of luck! To all the younger girls, each and every one of you is a beautifulperson and dancer.  I love you guys somuch and I’ll never forget all of our great times at Massay’s.

Thankyou Massay’s for fourteen amazing and unforgettable years! 

Jenna Gray

I started dancing at Massay'swhen I was in kindergarten and Miss Rockie was my first teacher. She was sopretty and made dancing fun and exciting. I have loved all the fancy costumes,dancing on stage, MayFair, dancing at the mall and recital, it was all so muchfun. I will have been blessed with wonderful memories and meeting wonderfulpeople throughout the years while dancing at Massay's. I will always cherishthose memories.

Jenny,I thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher through the years.Because of your dedication to dance, and teaching it so passionately I was ableto feel confident in being a part of NNHS Pom team.

I would like to thank each ofmy talented teachers over the years for teaching and encouraging me.

Katie,It has been fun getting to know you the last couple of years, class always isexciting!  Thank you Rockie, Jenny andKatie!

LoveJenna Gray

Darian Cheshier

I’m having a hard timebelieving I’m old enough to be writing one of these letters.  Also, I’m having trouble putting into wordswhat Massay’s has meant to me all these years. I started at this studio 12 years ago by chance, but ever since then Iknew it was the place for me.  Not onlyhave I grown as a dancer, but as a person, and I leave this place with thefondest memories.  I can’t imagine mylife without the studio; Massay’s is such a huge part of my life.  I love dance, and those who have taught meand guided me all these years have left a bigger impact than they will everknow.

            Katie Bugg, though you are the newest addition to myMassay’s family, you will always have a big place in my heart.  I owe a lot of my “fierceness” to you, and mydrive to work was stronger than ever after I met you.  Jenny, I don’t even know where to start.  I’ve watched you dance since I was a littlegirl, and I always thought you were the most beautiful dancer, and I stillstand by that.  You are such an amazingwoman and your guidance has made dance a passion for me—not just a hobby.  Caroline Rentzel, you are another dancer Ihave watched and admired my whole life. You always saw the potential in this studio, which made me see thepotential in myself.  My last year of danceI have loved it more than ever, and I feel I owe that to you in a way.  Last, but not least, the dance mother to usall, Rockie.  You have such a presenceabout you, and you’re one of those people I’ll remember perfectly even after Ihaven’t seen you for years.  Ever sinceI’ve known you, you’ve been so loving to us, like we were all yourdaughters.  I’ll miss dearly thoseridiculous conversations, the holiday sweaters jewelry, holidays in general atMassay’s, and even the Sharpies.  I oweso much to you, and I don’t think just saying thank you is enough. 

            Finally, my senior girls. Jenna, Cassie, Caroline, Mallory and Brittney; I’m blessed to have yougirls in my life, and I cherish all of our Wednesday nights, competitions, andrecitals we’ve had together.  Jenna, yourfriendship means more to me than you will ever know, and our weekly catch up onWednesday is something I always look forward to.  I love you, girlfriend, and I’m ready formore fun times ahead.  Cassie, I haveloved dancing with you ever since our first booty bump in “George of theJungle.”  Your love for dance is soobvious, and your poise is something I will always admire.  I believe this studio has brought ustogether, and I have loved growing closer to you over the years.  Mallory, I don’t even know where tostart.  I have years of memories withyou; two words: “Naughty Girl.”  I lovethe fun we have had all these years and our dance-offs will always have a placein my heart.  Caroline, I will miss allthe laughs I’ve had with you.  You’re mykind of girl, and I love you and your outrageousness!  Britney, you’re one of the hardest workers Ihave ever known.  Also, you’refierce!  I wish my body could move theway yours does.  All of you have aspecial place in my heart; thanks for sharing all of these years with me!

            My family, thank you so much for all your love andsupport.  Dad, I think you’re the one Igot my rhythm from.  I have lovedwatching you dance with dads almost as much as I know you love watchingme.  You’re more than I could ever askfor, and I value your friendship more than anything.  Mom, you have always been the boost I need,and I you’ll always tell me how amazing I am even when I’m not.  I know this was never your thing, but youhave morphed into the best dance mother and can rhinestone like no other.  Troy, thanks for sitting through all mydances; I know you really didn’t want to. You’re the most talented person I know, and even though you are myyounger brother, I look up to you so much. Camryn, my mini me.  I hate thatI’m leaving you so early.  I hopeMassay’s brings you years of happiness like it did to me, and I hope you trulycome to love dancing.  I love you allmore than you’ll ever know.

            I know this is getting a little long, but this placereally means so much to me.  I have somuch love in my heart for every single girl I have danced with, and I reallywill miss you all so much.  I’m leavingbehind Massay’s, my friends, my family, and Oklahoma all together; so I thinkI’m getting a little over nostalgic. Thanks for the years.  Massay’swill be a part of my life forever.

Caroline Carter

Istarted out at Massay’s as soon as I moved to Norman nine years ago and it hasbeen a major part of my life ever since. Coming to dance class every week is always a rewarding experience.  We all work incredibly hard and I am sothankful for all of the dance experience that I have gained. 

            I want to thank Rockie first for giving me this amazingopportunity.  You were always so patientwith us, except for the rare and humorous sharpie throwing.  I appreciate so much all of the time andsupport you put into our class over the years. Also I want to thank Jenny for everything!  You have helped me so much from when Istarted out in your pom classes to a more mature dancer in this years “HidingUnderwater”.  I always enjoy yourencouraging talks and stories at the end of class.  Katie Bugg! I have had a ton of fun in withyou teaching our classes over the past few years.  You always have a positive attitude and havepushed us to branch out in our dancing.

            I don’t know what I would have done without my dancegirls! You are all beautiful and amazing girls. I have had such an awesome time with you at the different studios.  Our demands for holiday parties like the littlegirls get, times at competitions, and pranks like setting the clock back andrandomly planned birthday parties during class, have made our group the fun andunique class that it is. 

            Lastly I would like to thank my family and God.  Without them none of this would have happenedand I value their support so much.  Ican’t wait to see the studio and girls grow while I stay in Norman to attendOU.  What a blessing this entire experiencehas been in my life and I am so thankful for it all!!!

Lauren Coffey

The opportunity to dance atMassay’s has been amazing, and being a senior, it means that this is my lastyear.  I am truly going to miss dancingat Massay’s, but I will always remember all of the good times I had and all thefriends I made.  I just want to thank myfamily, friends, and all of my dance teachers and anyone else that I haveforgotten to mention for all of your support over the past years. 

Mallory Tarp

Myten years at Massay’s not only made me grow as a dancer, but also as a person.Being the only senior from Norman High, without this studio I would have nevergotten to make so many wonderful friends. This studio has become my secondhome. Rockie, you are like another mother to me, you have watched me grow upand your positive attitude and huge smile made me want to work harder and learnmore. Katie Bugg, you were the one person who really opened my eyes to usesdance as a tool to escape the outside world. You once told us that as soon as wewalk through the studio doors to leave all our problems outside and simplydance. Jenny, what to say, I will never forget how amazing you are as a dancerand as a person. I will never forget practicing at 12th Avenue Rec.Center and marveling at how you moved across the floor.

Formy senior girls: Darian, you were one of my earliest friends at dance, I willnever forget the fun we had going to Young Life, watching Gilmore Girls andlistening to your pep talks before Slipped Away last year. Don’t be too much ofa “naughty girl” at Auburn next year! Carol and Cassie, you are both sobeautiful inside and out and I have had a blast being in class with you both.B-Dawg, I haven’t known you for very long but I have loved watching you pop itin the hip hop dances. Jenna, you are the sweetest! You have always been soquiet but your smile lights up the room. For my Pom girls, Momma Holly, SocksMcGee and Hamilton, you are all a blessing in my life and without you all Idon’t think I could have survived.

 I also want to thank my parents, Keli you werethe one who put me into my first dance class, and I can’t even begin todescribe how much you have done for me. Thank you for driving me to everycompetition and every practice and always being there to listen when I camehome with stories from class. Daddy, you will always be remembered for yourdancing “skills” in the dad’s dance but more importantly I will always rememberhow much you supported me in everything I did. I have always been your babyballerina and will always be. I love you both so much. I just want to thankeveryone for giving me the opportunity to become the dancer and person I amtoday. 

Paige Sandefer

Dancing has always been apart of my life.  I started out dancingat nursing homes and ended up here at Massay’s. I have learned so many life lessons through dance.  You have to have confidence, leadershipskills, focus, and a ton of self control. I don’t think I would hold all of those qualities without dance in mylife.

            Katie, you are the one teacher I will miss the most.  You have taught me so much, and you alwayshave such faith in me.  You challenge us,but never get frustrated when it’s not perfect right away.  I would not be the dancer I am without yourguidance, and I know so many others who feel the exact same.

            To the girls I have danced with all these years: Youladies are amazingly talented, and so much fun. I hope that I have done my job in being a good role model and beingsomeone you could look up to. We have had some well, interesting experiences together.  Whether it was outrageous hip hop teachers orlate night practices three days before recital. We rocked it!  Please keep dancing and don’t ever getdiscouraged or burnt out on it.  You allare such awesome girls, and I will miss each of you more than you know. 

            I can’t get through this without thanking my heavenlyfather.  He gave me two legs and two armsthat allow me to dance.  Of all thethings He could have blessed me with, He gave me the gift of dance, and I amforever grateful for this. 

            Finally, my mommy: You raised me to be the person I am,and if I do say so myself, you have done an unbelievable job.  You are constantly encouraging me, andpushing me to strive.  You back me ineverything I do, and that is the best gift a mother can give her daughter.  You are the strongest woman I know, and I canonly hope to end up with your qualities. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. I love you.

            I am attending OU next year, and I cannot be moreexcited.  I was fortunate enough to makeit into OU’s scholars’ program, and am enrolled in pre-med.

            Thank you to Massay’s for helping to shape me into who Iam today.  Dancing here will always be amemory I’ll cherish.  I’m going to missit so much!!

Brittney Mitchell

Oh Massays!

           I can’t even begin to describe thethings I have learned. Thank you Rockie, Jenny and of course Katie Bugg! I willnever forget all the memories and dances that you have taught me. Dance is likelife; you have to work hard to do good and be successful. Thanks to all thejuniors; you will never be forgotten.  Youhave taught me many great things, and we've had so really great times. The daywe first met Katie Bugg... memories to last forever. I want to say thank youKatie.  You have taught me great things.Jenny, you are just so amazing, I can’t even describe you. You have helped meget through dances even when I thought I couldn't do it.  You always gave me hope that I would be ableto do it. There’re just so many memories with you…pom…dance…Oh it will never beforgotten.  I will miss you! And Rockie,thank you for everything you have done!  Youhave made me the dancer I am today.THANK YOU!  Thank you for all the friends and dancetechnique you have given me.  You will beforever remembered.

With love,

Brittany Mitchell a.k.a Bdogg

Lia Ciardi

Unlike most of this year’sgraduating seniors, I did not start dancing here as soon as I could walk.  Even so, after just five years, I feel likeMassay’s is my second home!  One that Iam dearly going to miss with all my heart.

            Katie, thank you, thank you for guiding me for the pastfour years, and being so patient while I caught up to the rest.  I will never forget all the randomconversations that we had in class, or the fact that you always had a positiveattitude and never let us say we could not do something.  The pep talks will stay with me forever!  For being someone I could come and talk to.  Rockie, even though I never actually had youas a teacher, you have still taught me so much. From the very first time I stepped into Massay’s doors, you have beennothing but a friendly face, and someone to strive to please.  Thank you for all the encouragementthroughout the years.  Ian, Ian,Ian!  Thank you, for putting up with usgirls the last two years, and showing us what Hip Hop TRULY is!  I know it must have been really difficult andfrustrating at times (especially on the days we were far from being motivated(and there were a number of those…lol)). Thank you for pushing us beyond what we believed was possible, notgiving up on us, and being a friend.

            Mom and Dad, thank you for always supporting me inwhatever I wanted to do!  Thank you fordriving me to dance those first two and a half years that I couldn’t, and toall the extra stuff for dance as well. Thank you for all the encouragement, and always telling me that I coulddo anything.  Nicci and Alanna, thank youfor always being there to support me! Kayla, I feel like the luckiest person in the world for having theopportunity to take a dance class this year with my younger sister (how manypeople have the ability to say that)!  Ithas been such a wonderful experience, and a special bond that we will shareforever!  Keep up the good work, you aregoing to be an amazing dancer and always remember that you can do anything aslong as you put your heart into it!

            Paige, we’ve had some pretty amazing times together,thanks for showing me the ropes when I first came to Massay’s.  Brittney, I will never forget the crazy timeswe had in hip hop.  Thanks for alwaysbeing there for me, and for the help on my turns.  Caroline, even though we never actually had aclass together, thank you for being someone I could talk to; thanks for beingthere!  To the rest of the girls in my Lyrical,Jazz and Hip Hop classes past and present, you all have been mymotivation!  You are all amazing girlswho can be anything you choose.  Thanksfor being there for me through thick and thin.

            The personal confidence that I have gained from dance willstay with me forever!  I truly feel likeI am going to feel lost without Massay’s next year, but there will always be abig place in my heart for this wonderful studio!  I love and am going to miss you all!

Kelsey Garrett

As I am writing this, I ambeginning to become aware of how much I will miss Massay’s being a part of mylife and the friendships I have made over the years.  Most importantly, I would like to thank KatieBugg for being such an amazing dance teacher and always knowing how to makeclass fun.  She taught me how to trulyappreciate dance and to never give up.  Iwould also like to thank Rockie for all of the time and hard work she puts intomaking our studio so great.  In my fiveshort years at Massay’s, I have made so many great friends and have alwayslooked forward to dance class each week. Dancing at Massay’s has allowed me to expand my dancing abilities a, aswell as building my confidence.  Last,but not least, I would like to thank my family for all their love andsupport.  Thank you so much foreverything!

With love always,