Madison McGehee

Wow. Where do I begin? Massay’s hasbeen home to me literally as long as I can remember. There are so many people Iwant to thank and acknowledge.  The listis just too long! First off I’d like to thank the teachers! Jenny, growing up,everyone wanted to be like you, not only because of your beautiful dancing butbecause of the example you set. You are so inspiring and sweet, yet tough. Wordscannot describe how big of an influence you have been on my life. Katie, whatcan I say? I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did in some of yourclasses. The memories are endless. Learning from you has been so fun andinsightful. Thank you so much for accepting our rather unique class with suchopen arms and always being patient.

Miss Rockie, I can’t believe I’malready writing this to you. I have so many fond memories of you, but one of myfavorites is when I was really little. I was sad because I was always on theend and you told me that when you were little you were always on the end too,because you were short like me (yeah, I was really short…weird) and that it wasour special spot. Well, I don’t know if you remember that but it instantlycheered me up. I couldn’t ever thank you enough for always being there for meto listen and understand. Thank you for always being patient with me (thelittle things like stapling notes to my shirt so I wouldn’t forget!) andaccommodating. I’ve learned so much from you, things like the differencebetween right and left but also the tougher issues. I’m so thankful for yourguidance over the years.

Mom, I love you so much!! Thank youfor always helping me and be my number one fan! I really couldn’t have made itthrough all the dance and pom without your help. To my seniors! I think it’sdefinitely safe to say we’re the most unique class to come through Massay’s.It’s been a BLAST, I love you guys to death!! To my babies, (you know who youare!) Enjoy every minute! It goes much to fast! Keep with tradition and don’tforget me!

Madison McGehee

Jill Coleman

For sixteen years, I have been apart of the Massay’s family and they have been the greatest years that anyonecould have ever asked for. Dance has taught me so many things beyond greattechnique, and I have some pretty incredible people to thank for that. 

To Rockie, thank you for yourwisdom, guidance, and encouragement. Thank you for always being there, andgiving me such a strong foundation. I cannot put into words the amount ofrespect I have for you, and I am so blessed to have been one of your studentsfor sixteen years. To Jenny, thank you for your leadership and your patience.You have always been someone that I have looked up to and that will neverchange! To Katie, thank you for being you! You have never given up on any of usand you have never failed to give us great across the floor music (the violinversion of “Sexy Back”, for example). To Caroline, you will always be mygreatest inspiration. You taught me how to love dance, and for that I ameternally grateful. And thank you for appreciating Jack Shephard just as muchas I do!

To all of my girls, thank you forbringing so much joy into my life! You all are so beautiful and so talented!Smile, remember how blessed you are, and never take anything for granted.  I wouldn’t be the person I am without any ofyou, and I thank God every day for blessing me with the greatest people ever!!Lastly, to my precious family, thank you for loving me and helping me overcomeall of these crazy obstacles that my life has given me. I couldn’t do it withoutyou guys. Thank you to everyone who has touched my life, I love you all so somuch!

Jill Coleman

Jennifer Hosler

Massay’s has been a big part of mylife for the past fifteen years. I’ve learned so many things beyond dance; I’velearned to work as a team member, responsibility, accountability, and lifelessons from each of my teachers.

Rockie, you’ve been in my lifesince I was three years old. You have encouraged me since the beginning tonever give up. There are so many memories that I will keep for ever, likegetting to dance at Disney World, all the conversations in class (especiallythe one about Chinese food), and all of the dances.

Jenny, there is too much to say. Ifeel so lucky to be able to have you as a teacher. Your choreography pushed mebeyond what I thought I could do, and your positive attitude has always kept metrying my hardest. I still laugh to myself when I think of the time you said,“I’m not your friend, I’m your coach”.

Katie, oh Katie. I will never beable to see or hear anything that has to do with the University of Georgiaor the song “Switch” by Will Smith and not think of you. You have truly caredabout me since the day you started teaching. You took time out of class tolisten to me.

I appreciate all the time andeffort that each of my teachers has invested in me over the years. You all havebeen so patient me and my fellow classmates. There is no way I can express howthankful I am for each of you. I’m going to miss all my classmates and my timeat Massay’s!


Jennifer Hosler

Taylor Beth Johnson

            Since I wasthree, I’ve looked up to the older girls and have loved reading their lettersto Massay’s in the program. It’s a little bizarre and unreal that it’s finallymy turn. I’ve put off writing this letter for as long as I could for tworeasons: I don’t even know where to begin with thanking everyone, and I reallydon’t want to make our graduation seem final.

            Massay’shas been like a second home to me all of my life. I’ve had a close-knit familyof ten girls for as long as I can remember. I know I’ve been truly blessed byour group of girls. We all started here at such a young age and have remainedtogether for all of these years…even through all the memorable times we’ve had:Jenn and I having tuck jump competitions during “Ring My Bell,” Amanda nothaving a leg partner in Papa Joe’s, getting (our one-and-only) Platinum in“These Boots Are Made For Walkin,” all of the infamous Jenny Pom dances (andperforming them at the Roosevelt and Whittier Talent Shows…why did we dothat?), leather pants, fringe costumes, banana suits, slicked-back buns withrhinestoned parts, a shoe falling off at competition.

I honestly think we could fill anentire program of glorious, hysterical memories from the studio. It’s a placeof comfort, and I know I can be myself when I go there. I’m so happy I’vegotten to spend these last 16 years with you girls. It’s been a blast, and Iwouldn’t have spent it with any other group. Love y’all.

            To Katie:You have made our dance class giggle more than anyone. You’ve taught me so muchabout technique and made me really appreciate dance for its beauty. You’vealways pushed us to be enthusiastic and really perform with our faces. I was soblessed to have you as a teacher, and I really hope the little girls appreciateand take advantage of the days of dance right now.

            To Jenny:Oh Jen… I don’t think I can even begin to write you a short, little paragraph.It’s a good thing I gave you that letter freshmen year! I simply cannot write a structured, five-sentenceparagraph about Jenny Zuker (I know its Cochell, but she’ll always be The Jenny Zuker in my eyes).  You have been the biggest role model in my life since I was in elementary school. Iworshipped you, Jen. At first you were just the short-hair girl in “Bye ByeBirdie,” and I instantly thought you were a goddess. Then I watched yourpurple-dress Celine Dion solo over and over, and I’m pretty sure I could do itfor you right here-and-now. Then finally the day came that you were my danceteacher, and I thought the Heavens opened up. I was especially blessed myfreshmen year to have you as our Pom coach. You were intense, and you made usincredible. I loved JV Pom, and I’mconvinced having you as a coach made it so enjoyable. I love you so, so, SOmuch, Jen. You are the greatest and I thank you for everything you’ve done forme. I love you!

            To Rockie:Rockie, Rockie Rockie… You’ve honestly been like a second mom to me for all ofmy life. I can’t even begin to count all the times I’ve vented and cried toyou. You are the one who has createdsuch a family environment at the studio, and I thank you so much for that.You’re our little mama, and we love you so much. It seems like just yesterdaythat you were pregnant with John Wyatt (can I just throw out I was the one who guessed she waspregnant!). I remember getting John Wyatt a Blue’sClues dinner set and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Ha ha. Thankyou for always believing in our dance class. J It’s always meant alot to us, and we cherish you so much for that. It’s not so often that a womancan be so generous, apologetic, sincere, and genuine to a group of teenagegirls. Rockie is just one of us. You are a light to my life Rockie Dunn-Massay,and I love you so very much.

            To theinfluential people in my life that I sadly can’t write separate paragraphsabout: My Pom squad, Sally Swafford (once again, now Mitzner, but will alwaysbe Swafford), Jordan Geurkink, Courtney Little, and Grandmama. You all havebeen the greatest inspirations to me. Thank you for teaching me everything Iknow today. You have been the best role models for me, and I wouldn’t have itany other way. Through all of the tough times in my life, you’ve been there forme, and I know I can talk to you about anything. I love you all very, verymuch!

            Lastly, tomy family: Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to go to Massay’s.Chase and Cole, thanks for always making it to recital. J I know it’s killer,and you think it’s silly. but it really does mean a lot to me. Daddy, eventhough you were never in a Dad’sdance, I know you can move. You don’t have to prove it to everyone else, right?Who else would have shown me and all of my friends “Baby Got Back” at such ayoung age? JYou have blessed our family with so much and ILYMTAITWW! Momma, you’re silly,and I love you. JI can’t deny that you and I are so alike it’s uncanny, but I also can’t denythat I don’t love it. You are one of my best friends, and I’ve been lucky tohave such a great friendship with you. I love you very much.

            Thanksagain to everyone who has impacted my life here at Massay’s. These past 16years have flown by, and I can’t believe they’re being put to a stop. I loveyou all so much!


Taylor Beth Johnson

Rainey Sewell

       When I wasthree years old, my mom took me to all the dance studios in Norman. I chose Massay’s over all of thembecause I liked the costumes the best, and loved Rockie. Nothing much haschanged since those days. Rockie is a queen covered in sparkles, and has beenjoined by Jenny and Katie. I can not thank you all enough for everything youhave taught me, being positive role models, and helping me find the joy ofdancing. The amazing opportunities like Disney World, dance competitions, anddance conventions have all been because of you all. I know I will be visitingin the future because I can not imagine life without you three.


     I have knownMassay’s longer than most of the people in my life, and have spent more time atthe studio throughout the years than anywhere else. I can not imagine my lifewithout dancing; it has led me to pom and given me confidence to danceanywhere, anytime. There are some things, however, more important to me atMassay’s than the dancing, and they are the friends that I have grown up withthroughout the fifteen years of dancing .Bailey, you have been one of my bestfriends since South Winds days, and I am so thankful Massay’s has kept usconnected through the years. All the girls at Massay’s are some of my bestfriends, and make the practices some of my best memories. “My northies”, as Icall them (I’m the only one in the class going to Norman High), give mesomething to look forward to each week because I do not see them at school.They even gave me the nickname everyone in Norman uses now, “Raindog.” I am so thankfulfor all you girls, and hope to never lose contact, even if that means I have tocrash your high school reunion! Best wishes to all of you! Thanks again to myfriends and family for the support!

Rainey Sewell

Lauren Wimmer

I honestly never thought the daywould come when I would grow out of my Big Bird costume and write my experienceat Massay's on paper. Because I never thought I would grow up. Massay's hastaught me to be who I am now. I have grown up here for 15 years. It has been myhome away from home, and the people who fill it have become my family.

        Massay's is aneasy place to enjoy, it is a place full of friendly faces who share my samepassion to dance, and they will forever have a place in my heart. I will neverforget the sharpies that Rockie would throw at us when we got too loud, andjust all the times we have laughed. I will remember all the studios I have"lived" in for Massay's. The bubble-gum pink studio, the jazzerciseroom, the rent out by the bird feeder store, "big" brown over by Starbucks and of course where we are now!The motherload of all studios! I will always love this studio.

       The friends Ihave made at Massay's are people that I have known since Elementary school. Wehave made it through three different schools together, and it is almostimpossible to think that we are soon going to be separated.  Anyway, it’s weird to think that I will haveto make my own path from here on out—that I am starting out new on my own.Saying goodbye to dance is going be rough. It’s more than just a goodbye to dance; it’s a goodbye to passion, to away of breathing I have come to get used to. It is saying goodbye to all the shining faces, and the kind of sweat youenjoy.  It’s saying goodbye to this lifethat Massay's has formed for me, and as I'm sure you can guess, I have somepeople to thank for this amazing experience!

       I would like tothank Rockie Massay for owning this studio. Rockie thank you for making a homefor all of us crazy girls to come and feel welcomed. This was place for us toreally learn who we are, while you help us through the troubles of boys and howto deal with the latest drama. You have helped us all to grow into who we are!You have laid your hands upon us and molded us into not only beautiful dancers,but beautiful girls in general, and for that I am forever grateful. I love youRockie!

       I would alsolike to thank Jenny Cochell. We have watched you grow up into one of the mostamazing role models we could have. I have been in awe of your dancing since Iwas three and have loved having you as a teacher and a coach. You have taken usand turned us into dancers. You have gained so much respect from us by yoursimple actions. You touch everyone you meet in the sweetest way; you showkindness to everyone you know, and you have taught us discipline, which I’msure our parents are thankful for! I Love you Jenny thank you for helping mebecome the best dancer I can be!


      And Katie Bugg,don’t even begin to think I forgot you. I know that you have been a teacher ofmine for a shorter time, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t changed me. Katieyou have always been the open teacher, you have been the teacher like me. Theteacher I can talk to without words. You are the teacher I can talk to throughmy dancing. You watch me dance through eyes that I don’t think anyone else has.You can see my stress of this week in my "stiff hands" or my weaknessfrom a bad breakup through my lack of focus on the dance. We both speak to eachother in a language of dance, and for some reason it just works.  Somehow we hear each other. So thank youKatie for not being afraid to make me sweat, and for pushing me past my point!I love you and the dancer that you have helped me to become.

         And last butnot least I would like to thank my parents. If it weren’t for you taking meserious when I told you I wanted to dance when I was three years old, I wouldnever have experienced all this. Thank you for all the support and love you haveshared with me through dance; thank you for coming and spending countless hourswatching me dance: stoning my costumes, doing my makeup and hanging out with mebackstage. None of this would even be possible without you two, and you bothmean the world to me. So thank you for always being there with both dance andjust life in general! I love you! And Eli thank you for being such a greatdance brother and sitting through all my shows! You're a champ!

       So to wrap thisup, thank you God for giving me the gift to dance. Thank you for blessing mewith a strong body that can praise you through its movement, and thank you forthe blessing of having met all of these beautiful girls who have touched mylife!

     And lastly, mylittle babies that I have to leave behind, I love you! You are all beautifuldancers, and I can’t wait to continue watching you all grow as both dancers andwoman! Because I promise to always be a part of your lives for as long as youwill have me!

        I love youMassay's! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Lauren Wimmer

Amanda Elliott

I can’t even believe it’s finallytime for me to share my final words about my many years at Massay’s. It’s soimpossible to imagine how different my life will be without coming to danceevery week. Massay’s was like a second home where I’d come to see my friendsand share with them my love for dance. Our class is known for our ability todance and also to have fun doing it. I’m so truly thankful for the group ofgirls I’ve had dancing beside me on stage.

Rockie, you have always beensomeone in my life I looked up to. You are a brilliant dance teacher and mentorand I appreciate you so much for treating us like your own family. You are trulya caring person who we all knew would be there if we had a problem to talkabout. You have made a huge impact on my life not only as a dancer, but as aperson, and for that I am forever grateful.

Jenny, you have also been someoneI’ve always looked up to as a perfect example of hard work. You are one of thestrongest people I know and one of the most talented dancers I have ever seen.We’ve grown up with you and I will never be able to thank you enough for beingin my life.

Katie, although you haven’t been myteacher for very long, I feel like I’ve known you forever. You seem to get mygoofiness, and I appreciate that. I also admire your vast knowledge and passionfor dance.

I would also like to thank myfamily for supporting me the whole way. I couldn’t

have done it without my mom in the audience. Although I’mnot pursuing it as a career or even a field of study, dance will always be apart of me and I will always love it and the memories it’s given me. 

Amanda Elliott

Bailey Stringer

I don’t even know where to beginsaying goodbye to something that has been so much a part of my life as Massay'shas. Over the past 13 years it’s become my second home, and it seems now all Ihave to do is say goodbye to my Massay family. To Miss Rockie: thank you forall your love and always encouraging us to do our best. Thank you for giving mea place to "check my emotions at the door" and a place to becomementally and physically stronger though dance. To Jenny: thank you for alwaysseeing our full potential and never letting us settle for anything less. To Katie:I have a feeling I am going to suffer some gnarly Katie Bugg withdrawals nextyear. What am I going to without my fix of random off-subject stories and"Sexyback" with violins? Thank you for all the time you've spent withus and for being patient with me! Last but never least, to my senior girls: itfeels like yesterday we were begging to do "Miss Puffy" and leap overthe boa. This has been a hilarious, strange, and amazing journey of epic proportionsthat I can't imagine spending it with anyone else. I feel like all of you havehelped make me the person I am today. We've always stuck together and made eachother shine, much like Lisa's infamous glitter hair gel. As we begin to go ourseparate ways, I want to wish you all the best of luck in everything you do andpray that you know how special each of you is to me. I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Love always, Bailey

Taylor Orebaugh

            I’ve beendancing at Massay’s for eight years now. It’s hard for me to believe that my time dancing as a student here isnow over.  Since I became a part of thisstudio, dancing has become a huge part of my life.  I’ll miss spending my Wednesday nights atMassay’s, and I’ll never forget all of the experiences and memories I’ve had. 

            Rockie,thank you so much for helping me with everything!  You always bring a confident and lovingattitude into everything.  You’re anamazing person, and I’ve learned so much from you.  I know dancers to come will learn as well.

            Jenny, Iwill miss you more than I could ever tell you! You have literally, out of all of my teachers, taught me the most.  You’re the sweetest, most caring person I’veever met and an amazing teacher!  Afterall the years you’ve taught me, I can’t even begin to say thank youenough.  You are someone who inspired meto dance, as well as made it a passion for me. I remember coming to watch a Massay’s recital before I was a student,and I saw you do your solo, and to this day, I’ve never forgotten it.  You are such a beautiful dancer, and I knowthere’s still so much I could learn from you. Thank you!

            Thank youto everyone who’s helped me over the years. Thank you to all my family! Especially you, mom, you’ve never missed one performance, and you’vealways supported me in everything I’ve ever done.  I love you so much, and I’ll miss Massay’sforever.

Love Taylor Orebaugh

Monte Simms

Dear Massay’s,

            How strangeit is to think that I’m writing a senior letter this year rather than simplyreading over the older girl’s reminiscent words displayed in the recitalprograms. Among the countless things that I’m experiencing for the last time,my final moments of dancing at Massay’s, I ache to move past. I will alwaysremember the family I have here and cherish every lesson that I’ve learned,dance related or not. Yes, I came to Massay’s to learn how to dance, however Ihave returned each year because I am taught far beyond the techniques of dance.

            To Rockie,you are an inspiration. You have a gift to motivate me to be a better dancerand person. I thank you for your love and guidance as I’ve grown before you.Despite any frustrations I’ve struggled with in class, your reassuring smilewas always there to comfort me. I admire you for all that you’ve taught us andall that you’ve exemplified through your graceful actions. You and thewonderful opportunities you have provided will forever remain in my heart.

            To Jenny,you are one of the most beautiful and classy women I know. Your words of adviceand direction have molded me into much of who I am today. I remember ourfreshman year of pom with you so vividly. At one point we all claimed we sawyou more than we saw our mothers; to think that now we are to part from you asyour dancers seems entirely too soon. Thank you for all you have given us overthe years as an incredible role model and teacher.

            To Katie,you have been a wonderful and entertaining teacher to us all! You’ve made melaugh countless times and given me knowledge I will always treasure. I will neverforget the very first technique class we had with you when I touched your footby accident…little did I know you would have such a reaction. You easily caughtonto our tricks for wasting time although I think you secretly loved it. Thankyou for so patiently guiding us and being our teacher.

            To myfellow seniors, I love you more than words. The thought of our classes, bothproductive and not, light me with a smile. I must admit that although sometimeswe stray from our focus, I believe we have a talent for creating opportunitiesto have fun every Wednesday night! I wouldn’t trade the time we’ve shared foranything. I hope to always have each other and the memories we’ve madetogether!

            Massay’shas provided a solace and home through much of my childhood which I will alwaysbe thankful for. I will greatly miss the freeing experience of dancing on itsfloors and before its mirrors. I will forever remember the love I have fordance, but more importantly, the many teachers, friends, and role models that Ihave been blessed with by the grace of god through Massay’s.


            With Love,

            Monte Simms

Jessica Russell

In my four years of dancing atMassay's, I have grown in so many ways as a dancer and a person. I would liketo say a big thank you to those of you who have made such an impact in my life.Dance has given me the opportunity to make new friends, gain confidence, andexpress myself in a way I wouldn't have otherwise known.

            I’d like to thank Rockie for making myexperience at Massay’s one I’ll never forget. You’ve always been quick to smileand give sweet encouragement. And Katie, I can’t thank you enough for allyou’ve taught me and the times you’ve challenged me to push it to the limit!You’re an amazing teacher, and I truly appreciate all the time, effort, and funyou put in to every class.

            I alsoknow that none of this would have been possible without the love and support ofmy parents and family. It’s meant so much to have my whole family there for meafter every recital. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for giving me thisopportunity to pursue something I genuinely love to do. The time, money, andencouragement that you’ve put in to this has been such a blessing to me!


           Once again,thanks to everyone! I love you all very much!! 

Jessica Russell