Caitlin Crumly

                Whereto begin! Massay’s is like a second home to me. Not because I spend a lot oftime there but because everyone I am surrounded with is like family of my own.Being at the studio for 17 years now, I feel that I have learned so much. Not justabout the techniques and characteristics of dance, but so much more. I havelearned a lot about discipline, respect, maintaining quality friendships andalso how good it feels to be a part of something great. What will I miss aboutMassay’s? I don’t think I can narrow it down! I’m going to miss everything!What I will miss the most however, is simply being a part of the group andperforming at the recitals at the end of the year.

 I can honestly say that I have had the bestdance teachers anyone could ask for. I can’t thank enough. Jenny, you have beenmy idol since the day I first saw you dance. When I found out that you wouldstart teaching some of my group’s classes I was more excited than anyone couldimagine. Thank you for being such a huge part of my life for all these years.Katie, you have always inspired me to be a better dancer. Thank you for alwayspushing me to be the best I can be. Chaz, you’re phenomenal. I know I’m not toogood at tap, but thank you for helping me improve. Skye, words can’t explain.Thank you so much for bringing something new to the table for our group. Ibelieve that you have helped us all achieve new things in the area of dance,and I absolutely love it! Heather, (Miss Feather) Thank you for being a part ofmy early stages of dance. You play such a huge role in the way I dance today.Rockie, you’re the most amazing woman I know. You are truly my second mother.Thank you for everything. Literally, everything. I also would like to thank allmy seniors. Thank you all for making each year of dance more exciting andbetter than the last. Growing up with you all has been nothing but a blessing.I’m so glad I got to experience one of the things I love the most with each oneof you.

Caitlin Crumly, senior ‘10

Andi Martini

Massay's has been a second home tome since I was a little kid. I have so many great memories that I will neverforget. When my mom first put me in dance at 3, I don't think she ever imaginedthat I'd actually stick with it. It wasn't until life started getting reallybumpy that I began to get more and more interested in dance. When I look backon then, I regret that I never thanked Rockie and all of Massay's for being thebest people on the face of this Earth. So, I'd like to thank everybody now forbeing there for me when my dad was sick. You have no idea how much you helpedme, even when you didn't realize you were. Going to dance practice was thehighlight of my week. Dance turned into an outlet for me. It was a place Ididn't have to be anybody but myself and for a little while I could forgetabout all of the sadness and just let go. I really will never be able to thankyou, enough. Dance is literally what saved me from falling apart, and I willforever be thankful to all of you!

Rockie, I will never forget yourgreat stories and advice. You have so much wisdom and strength. I will never beable to explain how much I cherish your empathy. Thank you for teaching me notonly how to be a good dancer, but a good person. Massay's has taught mediscipline, perseverance, how to make the best of things, and so many morelessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I love you!

Katie Bugg, I love you so much! Youare so fun and never fail to motivate and inspire me. I will always rememberour fierce walks across the floor, teaching us how to relax our arms in tap,and the coolest combination ever to "Bring On the Men". Thanks foreverything!

Skye, it makes me sad that I onlygot to work with you one year! You have taught me so much about dance: how tothink outside the box, interpreting music, and so much more. You're also alittle funny. Just kidding, you are so funny! Everyday, I will think of yourfunny little voices and being one of your back up dancers during technique.

Chaz, again I wish I could've had youas a teacher longer! You are hilarious and so fun to work with! When I lookback on tap class, I will have so many good memories--- some involvingRockettes, Sherry and Gina, and arguments about Facebook blocking. I am so gladI rejoined the tap class! Thank you for being patient with me and not kickingme out of the class for being not too great at tap!

Jenny, since I was a little girl, Ihave looked up to you. You pretty much always have and always will be one of mybiggest role models. Thank you for everything, there is just too much to thankyou for! Thank you for giving me my favorite solo ever this year, it has somuch meaning to me! Thank you for your patience, love, and care. You've helpedme come so far in dance and life, and I will never be able to thank you enough.You mean the world to me and I love you so much!

Also thank you, Massay's forintroducing me to my best friends! I have been in a class with most of the samepeople since 1st grade, and when you're together that long, you form a bondwith those people that goes deeper than anything I can describe. I truly loveeach and every girl in my class, and I would do anything for them! They'vealready proved that they will do the same for me. I cannot stress enough thatthese are the best girls in the whole world, and it hurts so much to even thinkof not seeing their faces every day.

Thank you, Massay's! I will miss you so much!
-Andi Martini, senior ‘10

Ashton Plusquellec

                My years at Massay’s have beenone of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  I will never forget all of the practices, thedance competitions, and recitals.  Yes, Ilove dancing, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun without all of the girls toshare the experiences with.  I couldn’thave asked for a better group of girls to share my life with. Everyone is sodifferent and we come from different schools, but we work so well together andI couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Rockie and Jenny have been two of themost important people in my life since I’ve been dancing at the studio.  They have been role models and have taught mehow to be a good person.  Rockie alwaysbrings a light in to any room she is in and always has a smile on her face.  She is completely supportive of all herdancers and she never gives up on anything. I learned from her that hard work and perseverance can get you so manyplaces in life.  I remember watchingJenny dance when I was little and thinking, “I want to be like her.” She issuch a beautiful person inside and out. She pushed me to the edge and made me try things I didn’t think I coulddo. She always told me I could do it and never gave up on me. Even when I said“I can’t”, she made me do it again and again. At the time I didn’t realize whatshe was doing for me, but now I completely understand. They have helped shapewho I am today and I will be forever grateful.

Even though Katie Bugg and Skye cameinto my life late in my years at Massay’s they have still helped to make itamazing. Katie just made everything so much fun and she brought a new style ofteaching and dance to my life. Skye brought her amazing choreography and dancestyle to us just this last year. She has taught me so many things aboutcontemporary dancing and has brought something new to the studio that makessuch a wonderful addition. I will miss everything and everyone at Massay’s.
Ashton Plusquellec, senior ‘10

Jessica Tettleton

After 16 years at Massay’s, it hasbeen one of the best experiences of my life. Without Massay’s and the wonderful teachers, I would not be the dancerthat I am today. My senior year has been by far the best year ever. 

                Rockie:You are an amazing woman, who has taught me so much in life. You’ve alwaysloved me and taken me in as your own. Thank you for always supporting our senior class and letting us growwith our dancing. Thank you for always letting me see the better side of life,and more importantly thank you for understanding, and realizing that love isall we need in life. I will love you always!

                Jenny:I cannot thank you enough for all that you do! You’re such an amazing teacher,and I am so happy that you have been with me all through my years. Thank youfor your dedication and love for dance! You inspire me more than you know andit has been such an amazing journey.

As I move on to my next chapter inlife I hope to cherish all my wonderful years of high school. Without God Iwould have not made it all this time. I am very honored to be graduating withthe Class of 2010 girls and I am very honored to have been taught by someamazing teachers. Thank you once again Massay’s for making my dancing career anincredible experience. I will never forget the wonderful times I have had.
Jessica Tettleton, senior ‘10

Brooke Hamilton

Dancing at Massay’s has been one of thegreatest blessings in my life and has brought me more joy than almost anythingelse. When sitting down to write this letter I wondered why Massay’s hasimpacted me so much. Was it the dancing? The competitions? Then it hit me, itwas the people.

                Chaz, I have loved having you asa teacher these past two years because you have really pushed me to stepoutside of my comfort zone as a dancer and have helped to teach me thatsomewhere out there, pants that are “too long” even for me actually exist.

                Katie, you have been such ablessing in my life and have truly brought joy to my life. I have loved takingclasses from you, using the tag gun at Stage One, and all of the times when wejust sat and chatted backstage at competitions. I love you so much and am sothankful to have you in my life.

                Jenny, ever since I was a littlegirl I have looked up to you. You have been such a role model for the godlywoman that I want to become and have helped me grow not just as a dancer, butas a person. You have pushed me so much to reach my potential as a dancer andhave taught me the importance of hardwork in everything that I do. I love youso much and I am going to miss having you as a dance teacher. You have beensuch a positive influence in my life and there are not enough words to describehow thankful I am to have had the privilege to take dance from someone asamazing and kindhearted as you.

                Rockie, for my entire life youhave been more than just a dance teacher, but like a second mother to me. Youare truly one of the most kindhearted and sincere people I know. You havealways been there to listen to me no matter how inconvenient of a time andwhenever I have been knocked down you have helped to give me the strength andcourage to get back up again and keep fighting. I admire you so much and you havetaught me the importance of having the joy of the Lord in everything that I do.You, Greg, John Wyatt, and Reagan are like family to me and I am so blessed tohave all of you in my life and love you all dearly.

                From “Steppin’ Out With MyBaby,” to “HollyRock,” to today, the girls I danced with havehelped make countless amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of mylife. We have been through a lot together these past fourteen years, and itis surreal that we are graduating. I am so thankful for each one of you andwill always be one of your biggest fans! I know that God has incredible thingsplanned for each one of you and cannot wait to watch it unfold. I love each ofyou dearly and am very blessed to have each one of you as friends.


BrookeHamilton, senior ‘10

Kimi Brock

Massay’s has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Ihave so many fond memories I will never forget, from wearing eyeliner on ourlips to wardrobe malfunctions on stage! I think the thing I will miss the mostis how well our senior class got along and worked together.  We always tried to leave outside drama at theclassroom door. I will also miss our big classroom discussions; we couldliterally talk about anything. The friendships Massay’s has helped create havebeen amazing. Even though most of us have other friends outside of the dancestudio we are always there for each other. Rockie and Jenny have been a biginfluence in my life and helped shape who I am today. They have always beenrespectful and very understanding when it came to high school cheer and pomwhich made dancing at Massay’s a great experience. The past fourteen years atMassay’s have flown by; I can’t believe it is all about to end. Massay’s hasbeen a second family to me and I want to thank everyone who has been aninfluence in my life, I love you all!!

Kimi Brock, senior‘10

Holly Dyer

Massay's has been like a secondhome to me for eleven years now - some years I spent more time at Massay's thanI did at home. It's strange to think that I won't be coming back for summerclasses, conventions, and master classes with Jenny. Jenny, thank you so muchfor teaching me about respect. The lessons you have taught me will stay with meas long as I live. You've been such a positive role model for me since I firstcame to your class and you taught me not to "swim" when I leap.Rockie- thank you for teaching me that I can be anything I want to be as longas I'm willing to work for it. Here's a big thank you to Gina, Lisa, Kirsten,and all the other "group moms" we've had over the years. We wouldn'thave looked nearly as good as we did if it hadn't been for you. Thank you to myMassay’s family for supporting me and always believing in me

Holly Dyer, senior ‘10


Massay’s hasbeen one of the best experiences of my life so far the people that I have methave changed my life. Rockie you have showed me that it doesn’t matter whereyou come from, or if you haven’t been dancing since you were three, that allyou have to do is work hard and love what you are doing. Jenny you are one ofthe most loving and caring people that I have ever met. Lisa Hamilton you are asecond mother to me and I love you very much! Stallion, Kate Ocker, Maci smith,Sara Dyer, Holly Dyer, and Brooke Hamilton, you all has showed me theimportance of loving friendships and friends that will last forever. Everysingle person in my classes has taught me something different. I have lovedevery moment of it and I would never take back one moment. I hope that everyonegoes off to do amazing things. As the great poet, William Shakespeare wrote, “When you dodance, I wish you a wave o' the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that”And even though I hope that you do more I hope that everyone shares theirbeautiful gift of dancing with the world.

TawnniPowell-McCarthy, senior ‘10

Bailey Nolan

Last year, this moment seemed milesaway.  I have grown up with this group ofsenior girls, and I will miss them tremendously.   I know we will all be successful in theyears to come, but our time spent at Massay’s will be left in ourmemories.  Massay’s has definitely showedme what it is to be a team player. When I think of dance, I think of Massay’s-my home away from home, a safe place to be myself.  Massay’s has a certain smell, and it isalways on my clothes when I get home. Not only does it smell like stinky jazzshoes ha.. (just kidding…kind of), it also smells like hard work andmotivation. I think I will miss this the most. If it weren’t for Massay’s Iwould not have had the confidence to be a dancer.  The teachers at Massay’s helped build myconfidence, not only with dance but also with life in general. I am thankful tohave met Rockie, Jenny, Katie and Skye. Each of you has individually given me aspecial gift. I love all of you guys and everyone else at the studio. Pleasedon’t forget about us., We will definitely come back and “creep” on everyonenow and then. 


Bailey Nolan, senior ‘10