Brooke Marley

            Massay’s has been my home away fromhome for 15 years now. There are not enough words or time to explain how muchall of my family, friends and the teachers at Massay's have helped methroughout the years! Not only have I learned how to dance, but I learned howto be myself. Since I was three years old, dancing has been the biggestblessing in my life and has introduced me to many of my best friends. Eventhough today is officially my last day as a Massay’s dancer there’s no doubtthat I will greatly miss everything about dance! Without the love and supportof my family, there is absolutely no way I would be who I am today. I couldn'thave made it without you. Thank you for everything!

            Rockie, Jenny and Katie: From dayone you have always been there for me in every possible situation! You havetaught me how to dance and how to go for what I dream! You are beautiful womenon the inside and out and I hope one day that I could be an inspiration toothers just as you have been to me. I can’t thank you enough for showing mewhat I love to do!

            Senior Girls: Each of you has had anincredible impact on my life and you have showed me what true friendship reallymeans. I will never forget the times we’ve spent together! I love you so much!


            Another group of people that I knowI would not be who I am today without, would be the senior class from last year– Andi, Jessica, Ashton, Caitlin, Kimi, Brooke H., Holly, Tawnni and Bailey.  From 3rd grade until my junior year, each ofyou were such a HUGE part of my life. I couldn’t have imagined a better classto grow up with and share our passion for dance.

            Shelby Miller- you will always be mylittle sister! I absolutely loved getting to spend my early mornings with youand late nights at dance! Thank you for always being there for me. I will missyou so much next year.

            And thank you to everyone else whohas inspired me, believed in me and supported me throughout the years. I willnever forget how my Massay’s family has made such a difference in my life, norwill I forget all of the wonderful times I’ve had because of you. I’m sothankful to have been given the opportunity to dance and grow up with such awonderful second family! This will always be a very special chapter in my life.I love you all so much!


Claire Cummins

            Everyone knows that my parentsenrolled me in dance because I was a three-year-old who was FULL of energy anddesperately needed an outlet.  Fifteenyears later, I have grown up from the rambunctious three-year-old into a truedancer. When I think back on all my years at Massay’s, my head starts spinningwith all the awesome memories!  Dance hastaught me much more than ballet, tap and jazz. It has taught me self-expression, discipline, leadership, confidence andtrue love for great friends!  Massay’sallowed me to meet some of the most amazing and inspirational people on earth.

            To Mrs. (Rockstar) Rockie, withoutyou so many young girls’ lives would not be the same.  It is safe to say that so many girls such asmyself see you as a second mother.  Youteach dance but you also teach valuable life lessons.  You are one of the most positive people Ihave ever been around and you always brighten everyone’s day.  I hope you know how much I truly admire youand how you will always be someone I can talk to and trust.  I am so thankful for the way that you haveencouraged me to work hard in dance and in life, and to be kind and loving toothers along the journey.

Jenny,you are one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. Your authenticlove for dance is absolutely contagious! Without you I would have never known how to express my feelings throughdance.  You have been a role model for mefor the type of Christian woman I want to become.  When I think back on my years at Massay’s, Iwill always remember what a wonderful dancer, teacher and person you are.

Tomy family, thank you for all the years you have supported me in dance. Dad,Riley and Connor, as I dance in my last recital you will probably see that I’vecome pretty far since my first recital where I danced the “Kangaroo Hop.”  I know it wasn’t easy for you to come to 15years of recitals and competitions, but you always have been there for me andyou will never know what that means to me. Mom, how many costumes do you think you have “stoned?”  You have always been there to stone costumes,watch rehearsals, video dances and drive me to rehearsals andcompetitions.  Being a “dance mom” isnever easy but you pulled off all 15 years with such grace.  As I look back on the past years I spent indance I realize that I could not have done it without my mother.  I love you all so very much!

Seniors,can you believe that it’s here? It seems just like yesterday that we were doing“Heaven Hop” and “Soakin’ Wet!”  Dancingwith you throughout high school has been one of the best experiences of mylife.  It makes me so happy that we haveall stayed friends through these many years and I know that the connectionthrough dance will be one that we share for the rest of our lives.

            Moving on in life is a little scaryto me right now. However, I know that the skills that have been instilled in meat Massay’s allow me to be more than ready to face the future.  As I attend OU in the fall and begin the nextchapter of my life (even though parts are unknown), I do know that because ofMassay’s I will always be dancing though life!



Maci Smith

Massay’shas been my second home now for 15 years. I can’t even begin to imagine whatlife will be like without it. It is truly a family and I love each and everyperson dearly.

Rockie,I don’t even know where to begin. You have not only taught me dance, you have taughtme life. You are an incredible person that bursts with love. Words cannotdescribe what a strong role model you have been to me over the years.  I will never forget having a class on safetyskills and what to do if someone attacks you in a parking lot. I know I can goto you for absolutely anything, and will still be able to come to you evenafter I graduate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you havedone for me over the years. You mean so much to me. I love you, Organic Rock!!

Jenny,I have looked up to you since I was literally a baby sitting in the audience.If there was ever a dancer, or a person in general, that I would aspire to be,it would be you. You are so kind and beautiful and I don’t know what I would dowithout you. You have taught me to not only dance, but also feel emotionallywhat I’m dancing about and who I’m dancing for. I have enjoyed growing up withyou and sharing life with you! I will never forget your wedding day and howexcited I was to be going to THE Jenny Zuker’s wedding. And I will also neverforget baby Keaton and baby Nolan’s various stages of life. You have been ahuge blessing in my life and I want to thank you so much for always believingin me. I love you forever, Jen!

KatieBugg, I still can’t call you by just ‘Katie’ – it has to be your full name.Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me over the years. You camewhen I was in third grade, which seems like so long ago, but it’s like you hadalways been there. You have taught me so much, and I wouldn’t be the dancer Iam today without you. You brought out my sassy side and you always make classinteresting! I love you so much!!

Chaz,you are a character. I had always liked tap before you came but it had neverreally been my “it” thing. Now, I love it. You made teaching moves I hadn’tbeen able to do since kindergarten easy. You always made class fun and alsoshowed me how to enjoy dancing. I will never forget all the Facebook creepingmemories from class. Thank you for everything you have done! I love you!

Tothe new members to the Massay’s family, Nick Palmquist and Alicia, thank youboth so much for everything you all have taught me this year. You have helpedme grow more than I can imagine as a dancer, and as a person. You two are anamazing addition to the family and I love you both!

Iwould also like to thank my God for giving me the ability to dance and to lovewhat I do. I would like to thank my family for always believing in me andsticking by me. Also, special thanks to my Mom for staying up countless nightsstoning costumes, ironing the costumes, packing for competitions and the manyhours spent in a cold auditorium watching me do what I love to do. I have beenblessed with an amazing family all around, and true friendship.


Kasey Sewell

Ihave been dancing at Massay’s since I was three.  I have so many great memories and people to thank.I don’t know how I’m going to be able to write everything. First, I would liketo start off thanking Rockie. You have been a part of my life for as long as Ican remember. I remember thinking to myself who could be better than RockieMassay? I’m stuck here right now thinking the exact same question. Words can’teven explain how much of an impact you have been on me. Thank you for teachingme everything about dance and about life. I will never forget our group’s 30minute talks – we were so good at distracting you! Jenny, you are the mostbeautiful dancer I have ever seen. Thank you so much for never giving up on meand helping me become the dancer I am today. Thank you to Chaz, Alicia andKatie Bugg as well! You are all amazing teachers! To all my seniors, thank youfor being such great friends all of these years. I couldn’t imagine growing upwith a different group of such talented girls. We are one of the few groupsthat can say we’ve danced in all three Massay Studios. I realize we have allbeen through so much together. I know I will stay in touch with all of you andyou will all have a special place in my heart forever. It’s weird to think thatI’m the only Norman High girl, but some of you girls have become my bestfriends and have been my friends longer than anyone that I know.

 I’ve been through so much here at Massay’s. Iwas once a falling twin tower and actually fell too early during a competition!I also ruined my very first recital by chasing around a guy on stage!  Some of the best memories are all the greatand not-so-great costumes from tutus, toy monkeys, bell-bottom pants, thoseawful blue sequin dresses I probably still have scars from, swim suits withflower swim caps and now the world’s most wrinkly costume ever. I’ve had somany fun and not-so-fun times during all the dance competitions, classes everyweek, conventions, 15 years of recitals and even going to Disney World.   Every dancer I’ve danced with has impactedmy life so much. I can’t even come to think what life will be like not being aMassay’s DanceStar! I know I’ll be back to visit. I don’t want my incredibleMassay’s experience to end. Again, thank you to everyone who has been a part ofit. I’m going to miss all of this so much!


Mallory Shandy 

As I sit to write this letter, I realizeI have no idea where to even begin. I suppose I should just begin at thebeginning. Fourteen years ago, I began dancing at Massay’s. I remember lovingevery second of it, and nothing has changed since. Chaz, thank you for showingme how easy it is to chase my dreams. Now I am off to be star, just like you.Katie Bugg, words can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for you. Youhelped me grow as a dancer and branch out of my comfort zone. Thank you for allthe wonderful times, and always supporting me. Jenny, I have never been pushedas hard by a teacher. You would never accept good – only great. I thank you forthat. Through that determination, I now see that doing what you love requires110% – no matter what the task. Last, but certainly not least, Rockie, RockStar, Organic Rock. I remember meeting you 14 years ago in a pink-splattereddance studio. You were always my biggest cheerleader, no matter where my pathwas taking me. You have helped me through everything, and nothing can ever besaid other than thank you. Chaz, Katie, Jenny, and Rockie. Thank you. You haveall had a monumental impact on my life, and for that I can only be thankful.

Ihave been dancing with Massay’s DanceStar Productions since I was four yearsold, and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. I’ve found not only a love fordance, but also a love for a wonderful and encouraging dance family. I have madefriendships that will last a lifetime. Words can’t express how grateful I am tohave grown up with you all, and how much you mean to me!

 Claire, you have been one of my absolute bestfriends for as long as I can remember. You’re the most genuine, fun-lovingperson, and I know you will do great things in life. Brooke, you have such akind heart. I am so blessed to call you my friend.  Maci, you are beautiful inside and out, andare always a source of encouragement! Kate, Kasey, and Jessi –youare great friends. I love you all dearly and wish you every success!

Katie,thank you for encouraging me to never stop growing as a dancer or person. Youhave taught me life lessons beyond pointing my toes that I will alwaysremember. Jenny, thank you for being an incredible teacher! Wednesday nightdance was always refreshing, no matter what kind of day it had been.

Rockie,you have been a wonderful role model and teacher for so many years. I couldalways count on your kindness. Anytime I needed someone to listen or neededjust a hug, you were there. You have impacted my life more than you could everknow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thankyou Massay’s for all the great memories! I will miss all of you!


Jessie Stringer

Ifyou told me five years ago I’d be a dancer by my senior year, I would’vethought you were crazy. I joined Massay’s at the beginning of my freshman year.I remember my very first class I attended. Rockie placed me in one of KatieBugg’s technique classes so she could decide which skill level group I wouldbest fit. My class and I were told to do center leaps across the floor. Alwaysbeing one to take initiative, I chassed across the floor, stopped and executeda beautiful cheerleading toe-touch. After landing sharply with a large cheersmile plastered on my face, I looked at Katie for critiquing. She was gently laughingalong with the girls. Once they got all of their giggles out, they were allvery helpful and supportive. After that class, I figured I was in over my head.I was too much of a cheerleader, which was completely fine at that point. Mymom insisted I continue taking classes and stay with it. Slowly, I got the hangof it after the first year. Three years later, I’m in all of the senior dancesand enjoying every moment I have. I’m deeply and truly in love with dancing andI’ll never stop. Thank you, Bailey Stringer, for introducing me to the wondersof dance. Thank you to my loving parents who would never let “no” be an option.Thank you to every dance teacher I have ever had that put up with my excessivedrive to learn EVERYTHING in four short years. Also, thank you to all of thegirls I have danced with that gave me a home away from home in the dance worldand welcomed me with open arms. 



Sadie Jones         

Icannot believe that it is already time for graduation.  I honestly never thought this day would come.Although I have only been dancing at Massay’s for the past two years, I couldnever express how much I appreciate the time I got to spend there.  I have been dancing since I was 3 years old,and I came to Massay’s because I needed something new. Massay’s was the perfectplace for me. Being a part of this studio has taught me so many things –not only the different technicalities of dance, but leadership, teamwork andhard work. I also learned the real meaning of “dancing solely because you loveit.”  I knew that every time I went toclass, I could leave whatever was going on in my life on the dance floor. Myfellow classmates are AMAZING, and so is the whole family at Massay’s. Everyonehas been so kind to me. Nobody has ever treated me different because I didn’tdance there my whole life. I am so grateful for everyone always making me feelwelcome and a part of this wonderful dance studio. I also want to thank all ofmy teachers for helping me and pushing me to do my best. Every teacher hasgiven me inspiration and a positive influence. Rockie! You are such a rolemodel. Every time I see you, you have a smile on your face and you always havean upbeat positive attitude! You are also so easy to talk to. Thank you so muchfor everything! I have some of the best memories dancing here at Massay’s. Ibelieve that these past two years have truly made me a better dancer, and aneven better person. Thank you guys so much!