Ever since I wasa little girl, I knew that the day would come when I would be writing this letter. However, I never realized how hard it would be. Dancing at Massay’s hasbeen one of the biggest blessings in my life, and when sitting down to writethis letter I thought about why this place has impacted me so much. Was it thedancing? The competitions? Then it hit me, it was the people.

            Katie,you have brought so much joy to my life over the years at Massay’s. I haveloved taking classes from you, all of the fun times we’ve had chattingbackstage at dance competitions, playing around at Stage One—and of course ourlove for The Little Mermaid.  I sincerely love you, and I am so blessed tohave you in my life.

            Kristen,I have loved getting to know you and having you as my teacher. You have madethis year such a blessing with the kindness and patience you give to our class.You have made Monday nights so much at dance. There is so much joy inside ofyou, that is contagious when you are around others. I am so thankful to havehad the privilege of you as my teacher, and I love you so much.

            Jenny,ever since I was a little girl, I have always looked up to you. One of thehardest things about leaving Massay’s is not having you as my teacher anymore.From the Saturday solos where we discussed our life, to the great memories andlaughs we had during jazz and lyrical, I consistently felt love andencouragements from you. You have taught me so much about dance, and my style reflectsso much from you. As I’m sitting here right now with tears in my eyes, thereare not enough words to describe how thankful I am for you. You have been sucha role model for the godly woman I want to become and have helped me grow notjust as a dancer, but as a person. It has been such a blessing taking dancefrom you for the many years I’ve been at Massay’s. I love you so much, and eventhough I will still get to see you, I will miss my weekly Jenny time at dance.

            Rockie,for my entire life you have been more than just a dance teacher, you are like asecond mother to me. You are truly one of the most kindhearted people I haveever met. What’s so special about you is that no matter the inconvenience, youare always there to listen. One of my favorite dance class memories is when youhad us drink the terrible naked juice for good luck at a competition. I’llalways remember “You can get out your Sharpie” if you need and the famousRockie voice yelling “GIRLS.” I admire you so much, and you have taught me theimportance of having the joy of the Lord in everything I do. You, Greg, JohnWyatt and Reagan are like family to me, and I am so blessed to have all of youin my life.

            Brooke,you’re seriously the greatest sister ever. I mean you are a genius. I am sothankful to have you always encouraging me. You are my biggest fan in life, andwill always be proud of me. I have never met anyone who is kinder than you. Youhave the biggest heart. I love you so much, and you’re a genius.

            Tomy parents: I am so blessed to have two incredible people as parents and am sothankful for all that you have done for me. You two have had the biggest impacton my life and helped shape me into the person I am today. You both are thegreatest parents I could ever ask for, and I love you both so much.

            Lastly,I would like to say thanks to some of my fellow Massay’s girls. My sweet 7thand 8th grade girls, to my funny 3rd and 4thgrade cuties, you all have touched my life. To all of my freshmen, you all havebeen my little babies since I was a baby. I love every single one of you somuch! Little Lauren, you are truly an amazing girl, and I have been so blessedto become so close with you. You have been like a sister to me at Massay’s.Shelby, you are incredible. God has given you such an amazing talent of dance,and you use it to your fullest. Being your duet/ trio partner with Ryne hasbeen such a blessing. I love you so much. To my seniors, Allie, Sydney,Mallory, Ryne, Sara and Kelsey…WOW we have been through so much. From Soakin Wet’ to River Deep, to today, you all have helped make countless amazingmemories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We have been through a lottogether these past 16 years, and it is crazy to think we are graduating. Iknow God has amazing plans for each of you, and I cannot wait to see whathappens. I love each one of you dearly and am very blessed to have you asfriends.
Heather Hamilton


            First,I want to thank my parents, who have given me 16 years of dance lessons,costumes, and trips and who have watched my sisters and me perform at moredance and pom competitions than anyone can imagine! Without you, I would nothave had the opportunity to experience what I have truly come to love. Ashleyand Meghan, thanks for being the best sisters ever! I have been coming toMassay’s with you since I was born, and getting to dance with Meghan in theproduction number eight years ago is one of my best memories! Mom, thanks forthe costume-making and crystal-gluing. Dad, besides writing all those checksand giving up golf to come to my dance competitions, thanks for being a goodsport and showing up for the Dad’s dance when I know you would rather do almostanything besides dance. You were a great Michael Jackson!

            Toall of the seniors, I wish you all the best of luck in your future plans andall of the blessings to come! Sara, you are the best friend anyone could askfor. I will miss you so very much—I can’t imagine next year when we won’t getto hang out together every day. Major separation anxiety! Heather, I lovedbeing a pom co-captain with you this year; it was crazy fun. You are such abeautiful dancer—I wish you the best at OU!

             My years at Massay’s have taught meperseverance, humility, and grace. I can’t believe it’s time for me to give upmy spot on the back row! Rockie, Jenny, and Katie, thanks for the lessons youhave taught me and the support and love you have always shown. Without you Iwould not be who I am today. Go Pokes!
Kelsey Mullins


The 12 years Ihave been dancing at Massay’s could not have been spent anywhere better. Itwasn’t only a place to dance, but a place for me to come home. It wasn’tsomewhere to learn to be the best, but to learn that I dance because I simplylove to dance. Massay’s has taught me to be a part of a team, but also allowedme to be myself. What a blessing it has been to be a part of such a wonderfulgroup of people! Here is where I have met my best friends and some of thegreatest people I know. I could not be more thankful!

Jenny, thank youfor your loving heart. You are more of a role model to me than anyone I know.You have taught me how to dance by finding who and what I was dancing for,creating a whole new love for it. Your faith in the Lord and your faith in usmakes me want to be more like you every time I see you. Rockstar, thank you foryour positive energy! You light up every room with this impenetrable joy thatis so inspiring. You’ve always been so supportive, and thank you for nevergiving up on me.

So much thanksgoes to my mom for everything she has done for me—for every costume you’vestoned, and for always being one step ahead and taking care of me. There arenot enough thanks in the world to cover it. Thanks for being a dance mom. Also,thank you to my other moms Lisa Hamilton and Gail Mullins- thanks for puttingup with me and being so loving, and also raising Heather and Kelsey to becomemy best friends! The friendships that I have built here are the strongest I’veknown. I love the girls (and Ryne, of course!) at Massay’s with all my heartand will miss this family more than anything. The experience of being a part ofMassay’s DanceStar Productions was nothing but a blessing and I am so thankfulto have been able to spend the first chapter of my life here.   

Sara Dyer


            Icannot believe graduation is already here. I never thought this day would come. Time really does fly!  I have beendancing at Massay’s for 11 years, and it is impossible to put into words justhow much I appreciate the time I have spent here.  I have so many great memories and people tothank!  Being a part of this studio hastaught me so many great things - not only how to be an amazing dancer, but alsohow to work as a team, and that hard work really does pay off!  I love coming to dance class and being ableto forget everything going on in my life while I am dancing. 

I am going tomiss being a Massay’s DanceStar so much. Jenny, Rockie and Katie have been amazing role models, and I don’t knowif words can express the impact they have had on me.  Jenny, I want to thank you for always pushingme to do my best.  As we always say aftera hard practice, “Thank you for improving us!”  You are one of the most amazing dancers I haveever seen, I’m really going to miss watching you dance every week!  Rockie, thank you for always being there forus.  You always have a smile on your faceand a joke ready when we need a laugh! Katie, I want to thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone andhelping me grow into a true dancer. 

To all myseniors, thank you for being such great friends over the years.  I couldn’t imagine dance without youguys!  I have been through so much hereat Massay’s.  We are one of the lastgroups that can say we have danced at all four studios and went to Disney Worldto perform.  I know I will come back tovisit and to watch every recital, but it will never quite be the same.  I will never forget this incredible danceexperience.  Thank you for that Massay’s,I will miss you!     

Allie Kennedy


            Massay’shas been my dance home for the past 9 years. I came to the studio as the newgirl with all these dancers that had already been together for years. I waswelcomed with open arms from the girls and my amazing dance teachers I wasblessed with. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without them.And I can’t believe that the time has come for me to write the letter I thoughtI would never have to write.

            Mrs.Rockie (Rockstar), I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am foreverything you have taught me. Not only do you teach us everything about dance,but you also teach us lifelong lessons. There are so many little and oldergirls that think the world of you. You are such a positive person and a perfectrole model for every dancer that comes through your studio. I hope you know howmuch I truly admire you, and how thankful I am for your help in making me thewoman I am today!

            Jenny(Jedidiah), you are one of the most incredible people I have ever known! Youhave been my teacher since my first dance at Massay’s to Rock-a-Hula, and now I can’t believe this is my last year with you.When I think back on my days at Massay’s, you will always be a major part of mymemories that I will carry with me forever!

            Tomy amazing family, thank you for your support through the past 15 years of mydance life! Mom, Dad, Melissa, Hannah and Hailey, you all mean the world to me,and I know as I take this step in life, I will always have you all to dependon! Mom, I know you are so very thankful that you will have no more costumes to“stone” or me repeatedly yelling “Watch me! Are you watching Mom?” But deepdown, I know those are things you will miss the most! Being a “dance mom” wasnever easy, but know that everything you have done for me, I appreciate morethan you will ever know. I love you all more than anything!

            Lastlyto my seniors, you each hold such a special place in my heart, and the memoriesof dance classes, competitions, Disney World, and bonding between us all willlast me a lifetime. Being able to dance with you guys these past 9 years, havebeen the best times of my life. I love each of you so much!

            Ithank God everyday for giving me the ability to dance, amazing friends, awonderful family and the journey of a lifetime at Massay’s that will never beforgotten.
Sydney Darling


            Graduationis here, and I cannot believe that it is my time to say goodbye.  I joined the Massay’s family two years ago,but have been dancing since I was three. So, as you can imagine, dance has beena huge part of my life, and saying goodbye to wonderful teachers and friends isnot easily done.    From the beginning, Iwas welcomed with open arms by everyone at Massay’s. Immediately I felt a partof the group, and each teacher welcomed and challenged me without any doubt orhesitation. These open arms allowed me to grow even stronger as a dancer andhave the confidence I needed to be a successful member of the group. 

            Rockie,WOW!  Thank you for accepting me intoyour family and giving me a dance home.  A home is the place where there is positive support, inspiration andcompassion……and I have received all these during the last two years.  A simple thank you cannot begin to express mygratitude for the love and kindness shown to me.

Jenny, Katie,Kristin and Chaz, working with each of you has been amazing.  I not only see your joy in dance, I feel iteach time you create, demonstrate and instruct. Being taught by individuals that love what they do is inspiring and addsthe “fun” element to the classroom as well as the “want to” to do my best.  Getting to perform the routines that youcreated has been such an honor.

            Theopportunity to dance with so many amazing dancers humbles me.  I danced with the stars from last year’ssenior group and have continued with another great group this year.  I will say, ladies, thank you for yourwarmth, kindness, laughs, friendship and memories.  I will have them with me forever.



                Although I have only been atMassay’s for the last year I have enjoyed my time with the studio. This pastyear has given me the opportunity to experience different teachers as well asthe overall studio, which was an exciting thing for me.  I can honestly say I have had a greatexperience being here with all the different levels of dancers who seem to lovedance just as much as I do.

                The whole environment atMassay’s is completely different than what I am accustom to at another studiofor the last 6 years, and I have really enjoyed it.  I wish I could have been introduced toMassay’s earlier but I’m grateful for the one year I was there.  I’m so glad I took classes at Massay’s for mylast year, because it gave me the opportunity of competing with other dancers,which was not a choice previously. 

                I just want to thank all theteachers and students who have made this experience exciting, and I could notbe more pleased with my experience.  Iwill be attending OU next year so dance will probably not be in my scope ofthings to do, and I will surely miss it and all of you.  Good luck to all the other graduating seniorsin whatever direction life is taking them.  And I want to say, to the teachers, thestudents and the supportive parents that helped make my last year of dancedelightful, thank you again for all that you have shared with me.

Mallory Wright