What can competition offer my child over and above his or her current classes?

Competition offers students a variety of opportunities. They get to perform onstage multiple times each year (instead of just recital). They will be a part of a team atmosphere with all the benefits that brings. They have the opportunity to take classes not only from Massay’s talented faculty, but from the best instructors in the country—those working on the hottest music videos, the best Broadway shows, and even those on So You Think You Can Dance. 

What are the additional requirements?

Dancers will be required to attend their competition classes, plus one hour-long technique class per week. Each year, competition dancers attend one dance convention and two to four regional competitions (poms competitions are in the fall). They may perform in multiple shows for the Spring Showcase. Summer workshop in June is also required for competition dancers.

What are the additional costs?

Tuition is applied like normal. Competition costumes are more elaborate in order to be competitive, and are more expensive. Competition entry fees run approximately $30 to $90 per dance per competition. Convention fees are $200 to $400 for the entire convention. Massay’s attire (warm-ups) are to be worn by dancers when at competition, but not in costume, and a $25 per dancer ($35 per family) MDMC fee helps pay for processing and shipment of entry fees, teacher expenses at conventions, etc.

Where will competitions be held?

Most dance competitions are held at Rose State Performing Arts Center (as is recital). Pom competitions are usually held regionally in Oklahoma City. (Locations may include, Lloyd Noble, Oklahoma City University, Cox Center, Frontier City, Tulsa or Dallas.) Conventions are out-of-town, weekend-long trips, usually to Dallas or Tulsa.  The past several years, we have attended The One Dance Intensive right here in Norman.

How are dancers placed into competition classes?

Classes are chosen by talent and abilities, sizes, ages, personality, stage projection, attitude, interest and commitment.

This is a new experience for some of our dancers. We want it to be a positive one. We will encourage your dancer to strive for his or her personal best. Dance education is an ongoing process and cannot be learned all in one year. It is training that’s built class-by-class and year-by-year. We will guide your dancer on the proper path to competition, and we hope you will TRUST OUR JUDGEMENT. By accepting placement in this program, you have agreed to be a part of a team and placements are always in the best interest of the group.