Our competition companies are known throughout the state for their excellence! We consistently take home top scores at Regional and National competitions. This is not by accident; our competition students work hard throughout the year to build and maintain their skills, flexibility and artistry. While we welcome all students interested in competition dance, we encourage you to consider this decision carefully.  Competition is a significant commitment of both time and finances.  You are joining a team, and your team will depend on you to be a reliable and dedicated dancer.  


Regular Attendance- An absolute must in classes, rehearsals and competitions.  Our companies are like any other sports team, and depend on the committment of each and every member.  Classes are chosen by talent and abilities, sizes, ages, personality, stage projection, attitude, interest and commitment Please accept the class in which your dancer is placed.  Being in a class where you are not evenly skilled with other dancers would not be a positive experience. Remember, good dance training is based on trust in the teacher.  We at Massay's DanceStar always have your child's best interest at heart.  If you have a question, you may call the studio to arrange a meeting with Rockie.

Technique Classes- Vital to dance education, the training is intense.  We are strengthening our muscles and developing muscle memory.  These classes are designed to strengthen and develop technical skills both in combination with, and independent of choreography. 

Master/Choreography Classes- Our chance to "kick start" our year with special classes and/or choreography, we bring in dance professionals from all over the country.  It's like convention, but with more personal attention.


Dance Conventions- As a studio we will attend one convention each year. By traveling, dancers experience intense training with the best dance professionals, can meet dancers from other parts of the country and see what others are doing in the dance world.  Additional, optional conventions are also available.


Summer Workshop- All competition dancers attend summer workshop during the month of June.  Classes are longer than regular classes, and meet twice each week, ensuring that our dancers get an intense month of training to kick-start their summers.  Class placement is evaluated during summer workshop.


Company Attire- Whether onstage at an awards ceremony, or just hanging around, our dancers love to show that they represent Massay's DanceStar.  We carry several options of DanceStar warm-ups, jackets, tanks, sweats and dance bags. 


Competition Costumes- Different from regular costumes in that they need to be more elaborate to be competitive. They will cost approximately $130 to $200. Deposits of $125 are due in September with balances due upon completion of each costume. One pair of tights will be included in the price of the costume.


Costume accessories- All accessories, such as make-up, earrings, hair accessories, socks, gloves, glitter and possible props will be ordered by the group moms in conjunction with Rockie and the group's teacher.  Group moms will coordinate the details, but please help when called upon. 


Entry Fees- Fees vary with each competition.  You will get specific information regarding each competition's fees.  Generally they run between $30 and $40 per group, per competition.  Pom fees are between $15 and $55 per group per competition.


M.D.M.C. Fee- Massay's DanceStar Mothers' Club handles many behind-the-scenes responsibilities.  There is a $25 fee, or $35 per family.



MDMC Coordinators- Lisa Hamilton and Sherri Miller

Competition Entries- Lisa Hamilton

Public Relations Coordinator- Chrystle Jones